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Golowan Accommodation

June 19th – June 28th

Every year Penzance celebrates the midsummer festival known as Golowan. Golowan is the festival of St. John and has become a Penzance tradition. This year the festival spans from June 20th to June 29th and we at the Mount Haven offer Golowan accommodation all through the festival.

Although the festival is old in tradition, it was only very recently revived by local artists and primary scools (in the early 90’s.) The festival culminates on Mazey weekend with the ever popular Mazey Day, one of the highlights in towns annual calender.

Golowan was one of the last mid summer festivals practiced in Cornwall. In the 1890’s, the Penzance government outlawed the festival due to the rising insurance premiums for the towns business community.

Traditionally the towns streets were lined with alight tar barrels which were paraded around. The surrounding hills had bonfires set at the top, throwing dancing shadows all around mounts bay and beyond.

The modern Golowan is arguably a little less dangerous. The celebration of the area’s arts and culture attracts thousands of visitors to West Cornwall from local towns and as far as the Asian continent and further.

Mount Haven provide an ideal base for the festival. If you require more information about our room rates during this period please do not hesitate to contact a memeber of our staff and we will be more than happy to help.

You can click on our room rates page for further information about the hotel sea view hotel rooms.

For more detailed information about the festival please visit the official website.

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