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Flora Day Accomodation

Helston Flora Day

The Cornish Market town of Helston is only a few miles up the road from the Mount Haven. For over a hundred years the Helston town folk have celebrated the wonderful tradition known as Flora day. Flora Day is one of the biggest and most well loved events in the Cornish festival calender.

Taking place on May 8th, it is a spring festival which marks the end of winter and celebrates the arrival of the blossoming vitality of the trees and flowers. Many of the shops and houses in Helston are decorated in beautiful floral arrangements that offer the spirit of renewal.

Celebrate Flora Day

Flora day is perhaps most well known for its iconic dance. When the Big Brass band strikes up it’s beat (usually at seven in the morning) the celebrations commence. Hundreds of couples will dance through the streets entering houses and the local shops in a strive to drive away the darkness of winter and lead in the light of spring.

We here at the Mount Haven offer Flora Day Accommodation to all those visiting Cornwall looking to celebrate this wonderful festival. The bus to Helston stops right out side our hotel so you won’t miss a single thing. If you would like to find out more about our hotel please feel free to contact our reception.

Video Of Helston Flora Day Dance

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