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Just around the bay lies the vibrant old fishing village and harbour of Porthleven, and the Mount Haven the perfect place to stay if you’re planning a visit.

Porthleven is one of our favourite places to while away a few hours any time of the year. Take a stroll around the old harbour, vibrant with great foodie restaurants (including Rick Stein’s new Seafood Restaurant), and individual little shops showcasing some of Cornwall’s best creative artists and craftsmen. Try a pint of local ale at the Old Ship Inn. The Ship is one of the oldest pubs in the country and is so obviously haunted by the pirates of old (and some present day ones too!) It’s steeped in history and has a fantastic atmosphere.

Porthleven is one of the oldest fishing villages in the country, and its fishermen are known for being some of the hardiest and most venturesome along the south coast. If ever you’re lucky enough to see a storm there you’ll understand why. In the famous 2014 winter, some waves were more than 30 feet high, crashing right over the top of the iconic church tower. The flooding was so bad the manager of the Ship, young Christian, was stranded in the pub for days. Not a bad place to be stuck!

A short stroll from the winding streets and fishermen’s cottages will take you around the spectacular beach to the incredible Loe Bar Lake. The lake is part of the Penrose Estate and a walk around the lake and woods is a must. Tell the children how this is THE very lake that King Arthur, as he lay dying in the boat, cast back his famous sword. The long slender arm of the Lady of Lake emerged from the still waters to catch it, and it and her arm disappeared below the water.

Mount Haven Restaurant now sources its fish daily from the Day boats working out of the village; fish that will have been on quayside in the morning, and on you dinner plate that evening!

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